Psoriatic arthritis symptoms pictures

When inflammation of the skin is accompanied with the same condition of the joint, the psoriatic arthritis symptoms are observed. Usually it happens about ten years after the disease affects the skin. The development of psoriatic arthritis (picture 1) in patients is characterized by various presentations.

Psoriatic arthritis symptoms pictures 1

Psoriatic arthritis pictures

The psoriatic arthritis (picture 1) can be of several types taking into account the parts of the body. This chronic condition can be of mild and severe forms. It can start even if one has never had a skin version and no first signs of psoriasis appear. Thus, initially the disease can be hardly revealed. Still it is important to recognize the disease as soon as possible and start treatment. If a patient is in no haste to find out diagnose, he starts suffering from swelling. Becoming red, warm, and painful the swollen joints are the early symptoms of psoriasis, which in the future cause the destructive processes.

The damaged joints can be treated only by replacement during surgery. Compared to psoriatic, rheumatoid arthritis (pictures in the gallery) starts with more evident events including fever, dry mouth, energy loss and so on. At the same time it can be confused with erythrodermic psoriasis, which is followed with swelling in the ankles. Apart from that its clinical performance differs a lot and can result in heart failure and pneumonia. So, the slightest pain in joints must become a reason for seeing a doctor.

Psoriatic arthritis pictures 2

Psoriatic arthritis symptoms pictures

Psoriasis develops in different ways in accordance with its type. For example, there are common psoriatic arthritis symptoms (picture 2), which are helpful for determining the character of disorder at the early stage. Affecting the lower back, knees, ankle, toes, fingers it causes pain and deformation of joints, which become swollen looking like sausages. The patient can hardly bend the figures especially after having some rest. The psoriasis disease symptoms also include tendon pain, rash on the skin and damaged nails, which can even leave the nail bed, and that is a unique sign peculiar to psoriasis and arthritis.

As we have said, various forms have different manifestation, usually resulting in sever deformity of joints and bones if they are not treated. In course of time a patient feels tired continusously and cannot move freely because of restrictions in joints and limbs. Also there are problems with vision because of inflammation of the eyes with redness and pain. All the above often accompanied with psoriatic lesions of oval or round form being itching.

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First signs of psoriatic arthritis

The psoriatic arthritis develops rather quickly if left untreated that is why it is vital to recognize the disease from the very beginning and start taking measures. How to understand that there is a problem? It involves the signs, which are peculiar to other types of condition, because it affects more than joints. Mild early symptoms of psoriasis may turn to moderate and unpredictably soon become a severe form of the disease. The continuous pain in joints, back, neck and feet should make a patient uneasy and put him on the alert.

The most evident psoriatic arthritis symptoms are swollen toes and fingers, covered with definitive psoriasis skin rash happening because the skin cells are produced too fast and turn to scaly plaques or papules depending on type of condition. The affected sky is usually dry, reddish and painful sometimes. The quality of life is reduced because of all those psoriatic arthritis signs (image 3). Do not forget that outlook may vary materially depending on the severity of this skin disorder.

Psoriatic arthritis treatment 4

Psoriatic arthritis treatment

When a patient notices the psoriasis symptoms and treatment is prescribed at the early stages, it is possible to prevent development of the disease and its destructive effect. The psoriatic arthritis treatment relieves pain and frees of troubles with swelling. It depends on the peculiarities of the condition, which is determined by a physician. There are a range of drugs: nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, biologics, disease-modifying antirheumatic ones given orally or by intravenous and injection.

The laser treatment for psoriasis is recommended to affect the plaques on the skin if they accompany the joint pain. This method is applied only for mild and moderate types. The specialists often advise completing the therapy with holistic treatment for psoriasis. It involves alternative solutions with focus on preventative care, usually including supplements, diet, meditation, physical exercises. If a patient is suffering from such a condition like psoriasis on toes the coal tar products and corticosteroids in creams are used.

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Psoriatic arthritis diet

The psoriatic arthritis is treated with diets. This method is rather efficient and must be followed regardless of its type and form. The weight-loss is needed if there is this skin disorder. The individuals will certainly improve the effectiveness of prescribed medications and reduce the risk of further development of the disease. When the first signs of psoriasis are observed, it is recommenced to refuse of fatty meal, any source of cholesterol and salt, emphasizing vegetables, fruits, whole grains.

The psoriatic arthritis diet (pictures below) also includes poultry, fish of any kind, various beans, and eggs. The nuts will be nutritious and safe. The patient should eat only when he feels hungry and drink a lot of water. Do not forget that psoriasis is an inflammatory condition so it will be good if the food increasing inflammation is excluded from menu, such as red meats and fatty dairy, refined sugar and any processed products. If you want to stop spreading psoriasis on body, include more vitamins in daily ration.

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