Oral candidiasis symptoms pictures

Oral candidiasis is a fungal disease. The most noticeable candidiasis of the tongue, since the rest of the mucous membrane is not visible so well. This disease in the mouth can be found in any person and its manifestations have various forms.

Oral candidiasis pictures

What does candidiasis look like?

The symptoms of the disease are very diverse. The reasons provoking the appearance are just as numerous. Like all diseases, oral candidiasis (picture 2) has both an acute form and a chronic one. The forms of thrush can manifest themselves independently, move one into another.

Candidiasis in the mouth pictures

Oral candidiasis causes bleeding of the gums and is difficult to identify at first. Only after the appearance of the raid are all doubts discarded. However, plaque does not always appear abundantly. The first symptoms: pain and burning of the palate, itching of the gums, can appear not only during eating – neglected oral candidiasis manifests them when the facial muscles move.

Most often, candidiasis of the oral cavity (photo below) still envelops the entire cavity with a cheesy bloom. Easily removable in the beginning, it leaves bleeding ulcers in a neglected form. Candidiasis can instantly manifest itself with a weakened immune system. Quite often, thrush in girls appears after diet abuse. The weakened organism attacks the disease.

Candidiasis of the tongue pictures

Candidiasis of the tongue pictures

The atrophic process that causes candidiasis of the tongue (picture 3) is accompanied by burning, dryness. The resulting pain makes the mobility of the tongue limited. The tongue in the mouth turns dark red. At the same time, the papillae are smoothed out and become shiny. There is puffiness, the presence of films.

Candidiasis on the tongue can manifest itself as white plaques of various sizes. Removing them is hard enough. The fungus in the mouth covers the back of the tongue with nodules. Quite often, atrophic candidiasis of the oropharynx locates plaque only deep in the folds. Thrush in the mouth of a child under one year old looks quite different. At the same time, there is an abundant bloom of curd consistency.

Throat candidiasis pictures

Throat candidiasis pictures

Unnoticed in the body, the fungus causes candidiasis of the throat (picture 4). This is the main breeding ground. Also, candidiasis of the pharynx can occur from the penetration of the fungus with food. The disease covers the mucous membrane with translucent red and white spots. Ulcers and blisters are often formed. Laryngeal candidiasis causes severe discomfort and pain. The temperature often rises, coughing, perspiration appear. And tonsil candidiasis (image below) when eating can cause a gag reflex.

Over time, oropharyngeal candidiasis covers the mucous membrane with a grayish coating, under which there are entire foci of ulcers. An unpleasant increase in symptoms causes the manifestation of thrush in men with bad habits. Alcohol and tobacco burns the inflamed areas, increasing the burning sensation and pain. Oral candidiasis causes loss of appetite, thereby contributing to the weakening of the body.

Oropharyngeal candidiasis photos

Oropharyngeal candidiasis pictures

Inflammation of the entire oral mucosa is called oropharyngeal candidiasis (picture 5). The disease begins with a worsening of the condition. It is often confused with ordinary SARS. The illness in infants is always accompanied by fever, lethargy. Oropharyngeal candidiasis forms a plaque on the inflamed mucosa. Over time, the plaque thickens, forming films. Thrush of the oral mucosa, covering the inner mucosa, often passes to the outer membrane.

Candidiasis on the lips (photo below) forms the so-called seizures. They often arise from the bad habit of holding matches, pens in the mouth. In newborns, the disease can be provoked by an ordinary pacifier, which mothers love to lick before giving to the child. Acute candidiasis in the mouth of a child stains the cavity in a raspberry color. Tickling, coughing, pain, burning appear. Often, candidiasis in women is provoked by dentures. Food trapped under them creates ideal conditions for the growth of fungi.

Generalized candidiasis pictures

Generalized candidiasis pictures

In recent years, generalized candidiasis (picture 6) has become widespread. In this case, internal organs are infected. The cause is often antibiotics, which people use in large quantities. The disease is especially often observed in children, since antibiotics easily inhibit gram-negative cocci in a fragile body. Generalized candidiasis affects the mucous membranes of the kidneys, bronchi, heart muscles, brain tissue, liver. There are no particular symptoms.

The disease is determined only when it reaches its peak. This candidiasis in children (picture below) can be suspected only by minor signs accompanying organ damage. Alopecia causes candidiasis in men on the head and the appearance of spots on the body. Keratinization appears on the nails. The infection can develop in the body for years without attracting attention. The clinical picture often appears after complete damage to the body.

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