Gout disease pictures

Many are interested in what is gout? If you consume a lot of delicious food mixed with a fair amount of alcohol, while leading a sedentary lifestyle, then sooner or later there is a chance to find out what gout looks like.

Gout disease pictures

Gout disease pictures

So what is this disease of gout? One sentence cannot answer this question, but it can be described as a disease of a rich and prosperous life. The disease of gout (picture 1) has been known to science for a long time.

In the Middle Ages, there were many rich people who could afford to consume a lot of meat, fatty foods along with alcohol. The symptoms and signs of gout worried about famous people such as Henry VIII, Michelangelo and Charles V.

With such a pathological condition as gout disease, metabolic disorders are noted. People suffering from this ailment have an increased amount of uric acid in the body. The remaining uric acid is converted into crystals, which are subsequently deposited in tendons, joints and cartilage.

Leukocytes are trying to fight these crystals, but they fail, and then these white blood cells die. In this place, severe inflammation occurs, provoking an attack of gout.

There are people who have a predisposition to the fact that they may develop gout. Overweight, excessive consumption of protein foods and alcoholic beverages can provoke an ailment.

Signs of gout pictures

Signs of gout pictures

For the onset of the disease, gout is characterized by an increased content of uric acid, while the symptoms and signs of gout (picture 2) are completely absent. This stage can last for one to two years, after which the patient may have a gout attack.

Most often this occurs at night after prolonged consumption of alcohol and protein foods. From this point on, it can be assumed that a person has a gout disease.

The first signs of gout can be considered pain that is localized in the joints. Most often, develops gout on the legs (pictures below). In almost half of all patients, gout occurs on the big toe.

Symptoms of gout pictures

Gout symptoms pictures

Subsequently, from time to time, the symptoms of gout (picture 3) in the form of acute pains reappear. This is due to the fact that uric acid is deposited in the joints, as well as ligaments and tendons, which leads to the appearance of nodules. They are called tofuses for gout (pictures below).

Uric acid can accumulate in the kidneys, leading to stones and severe paroxysmal colic. Then renal filtration may be impaired, and in the future – complete organ failure.

The disease of gout has two forms: primary – hereditary, it is also called idiopathic gout; and secondary, which occurs as a result of any ailments and disorders in the body (leukemia).

If in the first stage, which passes without manifestations, no treatment is prescribed, then the disease begins to progress, that is, the second stage begins, the beginning of which is considered the first acute attack.

Precious time has been lost, now the patient is prescribed the appropriate treatment and diet. If attacks appear for six months or a year, then they speak of a chronic course of gout. The disease is characterized by slow development, completely calm, painless periods come to replace the attacks.

If the last stage of the disease occurs, changes occur in the joints and tendons of a degenerative nature. How gout manifests itself, see the article on what gout looks like on our website.

What does gout look like

Treating gout

Treatment for gout is aimed at reducing the total amount of uric acid in the body. It is necessary to treat gout with drugs, with the obligatory adherence to a diet. Treatment for gout is very long and requires patience.

In case of an acute attack of gout, it is recommended to take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Voltaren, Butadion, Metindol, Indomethacin. Also effective are corticosteroids, pain relievers.

For the treatment of gout at home in the interictal period, drugs are prescribed that lead to a decrease in uric acid. These drugs include Hepatocatalase, Milurite, orotic acid, Thiopurinol.

Also, in the treatment of gout, drugs are prescribed that increase urate excretion and uricodepressor drugs. This action is possessed by derivatives of benzbromarone. Uricosuric agents are also effective: Benemid, Etamid, Anturan and Ketazone.

A healthy lifestyle is an important part of treating gout at home. It is important to move a lot, play sports, drink enough liquid (two to two and a half liters).

During treatment, a special diet is prescribed for gout, allowing from 500-3000 mg of uric acid per week (depending on the severity of the course). This condition should be observed even when there are no signs of gout.

Preference is given to vegetables, fruits, yogurt, cottage cheese. Eliminate alcohol, but in special cases a small amount of alcohol is allowed – wine is recommended.

If you lead a healthy lifestyle and follow all the doctor’s recommendations, the prognosis of the disease is favorable. You can even forget what gout is. If you ignore the prescriptions of specialists or if complications arise over the course of several years, a person can become disabled.

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