What does scalp psoriasis look like

Severe or mild scalp psoriasis (picture 1) is easy to be diagnosed as far as there is a particular defect of skin beyond the hairline being very much in evidence. Sometimes a skin biopsy is needed but usually scalp psoriasis symptoms are distinctive. We are going to regard them in details in this article.

Scalp psoriasis pictures 1

Scalp psoriasis pictures

Perhaps you know that the first signs of psoriasis appear in the form of itching and hurting skin exfoliation or rash. But principle scalp psoriasis symptoms (picture 1) are as follows: fine and dry skin that gets covered with plaque and scales in due course. The heavily crusted areas usually flake. The considered disease cause a lot of discomfort, triggering emotional stress because of cosmetic disability and such consequences as those flakes falling on the clothes.

The latter fact can be a reason for confusing the condition with dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis. But it is much heavier and not greasy. Besides, scalp psoriasis (photos in the gallery) needs to be treated in a particular way. It does not always happen in conjunction with other types for example pustular psoriasis, which is followed with plaque type of the disease and can be found anywhere but not including face.

Mild psoriasis pictures 2

Mild scalp psoriasis pictures

It is a huge relief because scalp psoriasis is often mild and when it is, the scalp psoriasis scales are not noticeable so much. At this stage it really looks like dandruff. The small patches do not disturb and involves just a few areas. But if mild psoriasis (picture 2) develops into severe one, it hardly responds to treatment and spreads beyond the scalp to the ears, neck, and forehead.

We should mention that as with any other severe variants of plaque psoriasis the symptoms may include itching, red bumps, fever, and pain. Sometimes patients suffer from a burning sensation just on the damaged areas on their scalp. Still scalp psoriasis cannot be regarded as a serious medical condition compared to other ones not least considering that it is controlled with treatment. Mild scalp psoriasis (pictures below) can be easily cured with medical shampoos intended to remove all the symptoms.

What does scalp psoriasis look like 3

What does scalp psoriasis look like

Answering the question “What does scalp psoriasis look like?” we should understand that the symptoms depend on severity. It means that the signs vary from mild to moderate and to severe form at last. Usually the disease starts from dryness of the skin and flaking. Then the damaged areas begin itching and burning, though, even early signs of psoriasis (photo 3) can include the above experience and cause discomfort. The reddish patches appear as a single one or in a group. Soon they get covered with silvery scales.

When a person damages the affected skin, bleeding is possible. The patches can be on both sides of the scalp and after a while extend all over the head, forehead, neck, ears and even on some parts of the face. At the last stage scalp psoriasis hair loss is quite possible. Still this is a common skin disorder, which is treated rather easily. Even simple scalp psoriasis diet can change situation for the better.

Severe scalp psoriasis images 4

Severe scalp psoriasis images

When we speak about severe scalp psoriasis (image 4), we should consider two complications. One of them is bleeding. The patches usually cause itching and when a patient starts scratching them and the scales get removed, it is highly likely that bleeding occurs leading to further difficulties like inflammation, infection or scars. In general, we should say that this condition does a lot of trouble as far as the discomfort can prevent a patient from sleeping and become irritating during everyday life.

The second complication is hair loss. Heavy scaling affects hair follicles. In addition, when it comes to itchy scalp psoriasis, continuous scratching also can ruin hair roots. As a result the hair starts come out in the areas where the scalp is damaged. Moreover, there is some scalp psoriasis treatment, which contributes to the problem. Usually when intake of medication is over or the symptoms are removed, the hair grows back. In case of mild psoriasis (photos at the bottom) such side effects happen rather seldom.

Psoriatic lesions pictures 5

Psoriatic lesions pictures

Psoriatic lesions (picture 5) appear not because of skin dryness, but due to the fast and excessive development of the horny skin layer. They are distinctive and difficult to be masked. From the beginning they look like red papules, which start scaling soon and turn to continuous round or oval plaques. They distinguish from the healthy skin very much. There is no chance to hide them.

Mild scalp psoriasis usually affects small areas and does not hurt too much, that is why a patient manages doing without removal of the silvery scales which could cause traumas of capillaries. Thus, without proper scalp psoriasis cure the lesions can become a reason for the complications, which we have described before. Also the skin is damaged, when there is arthritis psoriatic rheumatoid arthritis – conditions, which have lots in common but still different.

How to treat scalp psoriasis

In order to deal with any form and type of psoriasis, first you should prove the diagnosis and turn to a dermatologist who assigns a therapy. There are several treatment modes applied in various cases. The most common solutions for scalp psoriasis are topical medications including scalp psoriasis shampoo with coal tar. Because of hair it is better to apply gels, lotions, foams, but not creams or oils, which can be prescribed for any other part of the body.

The best treatment for scalp psoriasis intended for removal of plaques is salicylates. Phototherapy is also efficient and such scalp psoriasis home remedies as oral medications can be of help. Once treatment is started, the doctor should follow up the patient to state improving. And one more advice: you’d better ask for scalp psoriasis natural treatment if the diagnosis is psoriasis on face in order not to do much harm, cause scars and other consequences.

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