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In this article we are going to understand such a concept ad signs of piles (picture 2), we will decide what are signs of hemorrhoids, and recognize the grade 1 hemorrhoids (photo 5), and we will find out how piles in the starting stage manifests itself.

Initial hemorrhoid stages photo

Hemorrhoids are quite common and very insidious in that the initial stage of piles can be latent in development for many years. The first signs of piles are practically absent or rather weakly expressed. Therefore, at an early stage of hemorrhoids very few people visit a doctor.

Piles initial stage symptoms photo

Piles initial stage symptoms pictures

The initial stage of hemorrhoids is characterized by the fact that the symptomatology is not very noticeable. Minor discomfort when emptying the bowels is often not suspected. Therefore, the initial stage of piles (picture 2) is mainly diagnosed accidentally, with routine examinations. Doctors strongly recommend paying attention to the symptoms so that you can identify piles at an starting stage (pictures below).

Early piles have the following symptoms:

  • blood discharge during bowel movement;
  • sensations of incomplete devastation of the intestine;
  • mucous masses during defecation;
  • the first stage of hemorrhoids causes discomfort;
  • itching, burning, heaviness.

Any of the symptoms can develop slowly, be expressed individually, but it is extremely important that the initial stage of piles is found at the very beginning.

What are signs of hemorrhoids photo

What are signs of hemorrhoids?

Almost in all cases, the first signs of hemorrhoids (picture 3), people ignorantly take for other diseases and try to treat them at home. The very first sign of piles is a heaviness in the rectum. Gradually the discomfort intensifies. Against the background of this sign, another develops: the feeling of a foreign body t in the intestine. In the beginning, piles, the starting stage of it, bother during feces, then before this action, and then continued discomfort appears.

Initial stage piles (pictures below) features more symptoms – burning, itching, light tingling. Gradually the first signs of hemorrhoids progress, the pain becomes stronger, the anal folds swell and shift. The piles get infringed, and the early signs of piles (pictures are available at the bottom of the page) move to the next stage.

Hemorrhoid stages pictures

Stages of hemorrhoids pictures

Developing almost imperceptibly, the stages of hemorrhoids (picture 4) acquire clinical signs. A total of 4 stages of hemorrhoids exist. Unbeknownst to appear, piles, the first stage of it, is aggravated for years. Hemorrhoids of the second stage will declare itself unexpectedly. It is noted that in most cases, the signs of female hemorrhoids are actively manifested after childbirth. The development of the disease is increased by hard work and ordinary constipation. Hemorrhoids of the third stage have a specific symptomatology. And the extremely serious form is hemorrhoids of the 4th stage.

Piles starting stage pictures

Grade 1 hemorrhoids pictures

The first stage of hemorrhoids is the least noticeable. In most cases, having grade 1 internal hemorrhoids (picture 5), a person sometimes feels light discharge, which causes irritation. Occasionally during feces, hemorrhoids of the 1st stage can be determined by the appearance of a drop of blood leaving a trace on the toilet paper. Piles, 1 stage of it, is characterized by a prolonged remission, but exacerbations occur rarely. Nevertheless, piles starting stage (photos below) actively progress.

Sometimes people briefly use ointment, candles, but this is only until the symptoms disappear. As they quickly pass, those who fell ill on hemorrhoids, whose stage 1 is gaining momentum, rarely turn to the proctologist. Moms should pay special attention to the underwear of their children, as hemorrhoids in children appear infrequently, and at this stage it is treated quite well.

Signs of stage 2 piles photo

Piles 2 stage pictures

If no measures were taken at the initial grade of hemorrhoids, then inevitably it passes into hemorrhoids of the 2nd stage (picture 6). Symptoms are more pronounced, exacerbated, the piles are enlarged. The rectum constantly releases an inflammatory fluid. Hemorrhoids of the 2nd stage are characterized by constant sensations of a foreign body in the gut. Piles often fall out. If hemorrhoids, the 2 stage of which is not much started, is treated on time, then there is much possibility of a successful recovery.

Since males tend to eat dry, the first signs of male hemorrhoids at this stage are extremely pronounced when defecating, when a solid mass of feces injures the inflamed piles. But still, many people prefer to treat hemorrhoids of the 2nd stage at home, and not in the hospital.

Signs and symptoms of stage 3 piles images

Piles 3 stage pictures

Piles of the third stage retain all the symptoms of the previous stages. The main symptom of what does a hemorrhoid look like is piles fall out at the slightest load. Even sneezing may provoke this unpleasant symptom. Hemorrhoids of the 3rd grade (picture 7) are distinguished by the appearance of complications: thrombosis of piles, infringement, frequent inflammation.

In this case, the piles themselves start losing the ability to self-healing. This procedure must be performed manually. Turning to a doctor, having hemorrhoids of stage 3 (photos are at the bottom of the page), one should consider that conservative methods are already ineffective. Treatment takes a long time and a serious attitude. If this is not done, then the 4th stage of hemorrhoids comes.

What are the signs of stage 4 piles photo

Piles 4 stage pictures

The last stage is hemorrhoids of stage 4 (picture 8). The location of the piles is constant – only from the outside, and they can’t be adjusted even manually. At this grade of hemorrhoids, painful dense cones are located around the anus. Any kind of therapy is ineffective, only surgery is able to help. Defecation is accompanied by severe pain and hemorrhoids, the 4th stage of it, provokes the appearance of anemia. Acute bleeding hemorrhoids of the 4th stage can be life-threatening.

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