What are hemorrhoids on pictures?

In this article, we will give an answer to the question what are hemorrhoids and how to treat it, we will tell in detail about the types of hemorrhoids on photos, and also we will show you what are piles on pictures. So what are hemorrhoids?

What are hemorrhoids on pictures

Many know about what are hemorrhoids first-hand. The greatest number of sufferers falls on the age group of 35-60 years, but hemorrhoids in children also occur. Piles disease affects with the same frequency in the representatives of both sexes. In recent years, combined hemorrhoids have become increasingly common in examinations.

What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids

What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids

So, what are hemorrhoids or piles? Hemorrhoids disease (picture 2) is an inflammatory process of the venous piles in the rectum. They increase in the intestinal plexus and often bleed. A neglected condition with non-observance of hygiene can cause infected hemorrhoids. Official data confirm that 15% of the population suffers from piles disease. Being embarrassed to admit this intimate trouble, many people turn to doctors too late. In the meantime, the disease starts and quite often turns into chronic hemorrhoids (pictures on gallery).

People, who work in the office or suffer from constipation or obesity know better what are hemorrhoids. The danger of suffering from the disease threatens the of anal sex. According to unofficial data, it can be argued that different types of hemorrhoids can be found in a quarter of the population.

Types of hemorrhoids photos

Types of hemorrhoids photos

Depending on the location of the inflamed piles, the following types of hemorrhoids are distinguished (picture 3). Pathological disease can develop completely independently, regardless of other diseases. What are piles – a person may not know for a long time, referring to intestinal problems, thus not suspecting that some types of hemorrhoids are hidden and insidious. Generally the following types of hemorrhoids are distinguished: internal and external. There are also thrombotic, bleeding, chronic hemorrhoids. Sometimes the bacterium paraproctitis penetrates into the body, causing infected hemorrhoids (pictures on gal).

What are combined hemorrhoids

What are combined hemorrhoids

In some cases, the hemorrhoidal piles are located both inside and out – this are combined hemorrhoids (picture 4). The development takes place gradually, which prevents taking action on time. Combined piles can deliver a person double suffering: inflamed internal piles are aggravated with external piles. Inflammation of hemorrhoids can be caused by vascular diseases, liver diseases, lifting of heavy weights and other causes. Often with this type of disease there is increased thrombosis, greatly worsening the condition of a person and aggravating the inflammation of piles.

Thrombosed hemorrhoids symptoms on images

If the piles around the canal become inflamed, then these are thrombosed hemorrhoids (image 5). Since the piles of hemorrhoids are located in close proximity to the skin, they protrude outward. Thrombosis of the piles causes the strongest inflammation; therefore, thrombosed external hemorrhoids need mandatory treatment. Negligent attitude to the disease and self-treatment leads to hemorrhoids bleeding (images on gal). This causes some danger.

What are internal hemorrhoids

What are internal hemorrhoids: symptoms on photo

Internal hemorrhoids are a type of dangerous disease when it is not possible to detect it timely. Remaining invisible to the naked eye, internal hemorrhoids (photo 6) often disguises their symptoms. Internal piles under the intestinal mucosa become inflamed, and the enlargement of the plexus goes deep into the body – that’s what internal hemorrhoids are. It is difficult to diagnose when there are hemorrhoids in initial stage and a person turns to a specialist only when the hemorrhoids bleeds.

What is external hemorrhoids

What is external hemorrhoids: symptoms

Small external hemorrhoids (image 7) occur most often. External piles – this is the most severe form of the disease. Blood stagnates in the vessels due to disruption of the vessels, giving the possibility of such formation as piles of hemorrhoids. The most risky group includes alcoholics, pregnant women and those suffering from constipation. The pathological disease of hemorrhoids (pictures on gal), especially the external form, must be treated immediately.

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