Vascular disease legs pictures

Very often the vascular disease legs (picture 1) do not disturb at the beginning of the disorder. The signs can be manifested in slight discomfort in the lower limbs and easy fatigability, which arise from broken blood vessel in foot (picture 2) and legs.

Vascular disease legs pictures 1

Vascular disease legs pictures

Because of a blood circulation disorder the vascular disease legs (picture 1) are observed more often. The patient usually feels pain and fatigue, which are particularly obvious during physical activity and exercises. Though, after some rest the things become better. Moreover, there is a particular type of this disease known as golfer’s vasculitis (pictures at the bottom) occurring with sportsmen.

It looks like vascular skin rash (pictures below) on ankles and calves going away without any treatment. But it should not be ignored and you’d better look for a medical assistance and examination if it happens. Another reason for concerns is vasculitis flare symptoms including inflammation, which causes swelling. The skin turns to be reddish and itchy. If the correspondent measures are not taken, the situation gets worse and vascular leg sores appear, requiring prompt interference as far as the broken skin is difficult to heal.

Broken blood vessel in foot pictures 2

Broken blood vessel in foot pictures

The broken blood vessel in foot (picture 2) can look like a bruise or appears in the form of spider vein. This is not a significant sign, as far as it can happen due to simple trauma and does not indicate to the problems with the veins. If there are also vasculitis toes (pictures in the gal.) known as Buerger’s disease, this is obviously a reason to get a medical consultation. The burst blood vessel in foot symptoms can be compared to blood gathering under the skin creating spots of purple color called purpura, which is not dangerous by itself but shows clotting problem.

Now you can ask what does a blood clot look like? – logical question. The point is that you can’t see it with the unaided eye. Thus, a burst blood vessel can be one of the hints. There are no visible burst blood vessel in foot symptoms, but there are activities and conditions causing it. You should not confuse this diagnose with vasculitic neuropathy, symptoms of which depend on the location of damaged nerves and include progressive pain and muscle weakness.

Burst blood vessel in leg pictures 3

Burst blood vessel in leg pictures

When the small veins of lower limbs are damaged due to some trauma or advanced age, the doctors speak about burst blood vessel in leg (picture 3). This condition usually happens on the inside of the ankles or rather often on the back of the knees, though, there are no restrictions. They look like spots or bruises of purple color, sometimes with thin reddish threads under the skin. These marks are not medical emergencies. Just watch the busted blood vessel in leg (pictures below) and if it becomes painful, you should consult with a specialist.

This skin disorder can be a sign of the conditions, which should be treated immediately and thoroughly. Usually women suffer from vascular disease legs. They have poor circulation being at risk to have varicose veins, which being left untreated, can lead to venous stasis ulcer, if the veins do not work properly. The broken capillaries on legs (pictures at the bottom) can be prevented by correct exercises and balanced diet – everything that makes the blood circulation proper.

Rheumatoid vasculitis pictures 4

Rheumatoid vasculitis symptoms pictures

The rheumatoid vasculitis (picture 4) develops as a result of continuous severe rheumatoid arthritis involving the small and medium-sized arteries. It is not directly connected with necrotizing vasculitis (pictures below) though the latter is inflammation of blood vessels veins and affects small and medium blood vessels. Does it sound similar? And some rheumatoid vasculitis symptoms are almost the same. They are the ulcers appearing near the ankles. Also the cutaneous lesions are common being found almost on various pars of the body.

And the other signs are almost the same. At early stages the patients feel fever, and the weight loss is observed. What else vasculitis look like? The wrist and foot drop can be observed. The vasculitis symptoms also include rash on the skin, loss of sensation, weakness in muscles, numbness, chest pain if inflammation develops near the heart, and even blood in urine if the kidneys are involved but this case is rather seldom.

Broken blood vessel in arm pictures 5

Broken blood vessel in arm pictures

The broken blood vessel in arm (picture 5) is an easily visible rupture. Being damaged the vessels are observed as purple or reddish spots under the skin and do not require immediate concern. This is rather a cosmetic problem but sometimes it can be the sign of serious health conditions for instance it can precede necrotizing vasculitis symptoms. But more often you get this bruising on your arm when you injure it.

In this case the bruises go away without medical assistance but if this is one of the symptoms of blood clot in arm, there will be the other signs like swelling and vasculitic skin rash (pictures below) demanding the prompt treatment. Though, here you can also observe swelling and hematoma in the place of the purple spots but it vanishes soon. In general the signs are almost the same with burst blood vessel in leg symptoms.

Lupus vasculitis pictures 6

Lupus vasculitis symptoms pictures

Regarding lupus and vasculitis (picture 6) we should admit that lupus is one of the diseases, which can be a reason for vasculitis. It is diagnosed when antibodies attack the healthy tissues of the organism including blood vessels. This disorder leads to inflammation and all other known symptoms of vein disease, which are narrowing of vessels and decreased flow blood.

When the tissues of vessels become too weak the internal bleeding is possible. The lupus vasculitis symptoms include fever, fatigue, vasculitic lesions (pictures below), appearing because of the blood gets into the skin. The patient feels muscle and joint pain, he loses appetite and as relevant weight. Also the purpura vasculitis (pictures in the gallery) is possible in the form of purple discolored spots.

What does vasculitis look like

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