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The varicose veins (picture 1) usually come with vascular spider looking like purple or bluish lines visible through the skin. Usually they spread across our lower limbs being one of the symptoms of varicose veins in legs (picture 2) – the disease that happens more than in 50% of adults and leads to swollen blood vessels raising over the skin surface.

Symptoms of varicose veins pictures 1

Symptoms of varicose veins pictures

Varicose veins (picture 1) can develop almost in any part of the body, but they are particularly frequent on the thighs and ankles. When the blood pools in the vein, it presses its walls and causes them to become weak, enlarged, inflamed, and raised up. The symptoms of varicose veins include heavy and achy feeling, burning, itching in the damaged parts usually legs. The pain may become severe if a patient sits or stands during a long time.

You can observe varicose veins rash so called venous eczema with extremely dry areas and even ulcers indicating that the medical attention is needed immidiately. Everybody should know that pain does not appear in the beginning of the disorder and spider veins on legs are not definitely the sign for the varicosity, but the early actions towards prevention will help. If you feel the restless legs, you should already think about the visit to a doctor.

Varicose veins behind knee pictures 2

Varicose veins behind knee pictures

The varicose veins behind knee (picture 2) are quite often with people, which are involved in activity that keeps them standing for a long time or loading the legs heavily like in some sport activities, for example. It occurs because the valves do not work properly causing a range of signs and symptoms including blood clot behind knee being a medical condition usually typical for adult women, especially with family history, which were pregnant several times and suffer from obesity mostly.

Of course, there is no other recommendation but visiting a vein specialist. What do varicose veins look like? If you feel discomfort in your legs, you should turn attention to them. The pain, tenderness, swelling are the principle symptoms. You can observe varicose veins in ankles (pictures in the gal.), thighs – not only under the knees with almost the same signs.

Pictures of varicose veins in feet 3

Signs of varicose veins in feet pictures

When there is a varicose veins in feet (picture 3) or legs, the small valves in veins are damaged in some way and the affected areas become discolored and swollen. The symptoms of varicose veins in feet can vary and disturb from the very beginning or much later when the disease develops. You can feel moderate signs like cosmetic deffects or observe serious compications requiring medical interference. The varicose veins in legs is rather debilitating. The patient cannot walk and stand without pain or feeling tired because of direct pressure on the affected area.

The obesity is an aggravating factor. Among the triggers also ther are pour nutrition, stress, immobility or rather lack of physical exercises. This is a never ending circle when the patient is not able to walk enough due to the pain in his feet, while the immobility worsens the symptoms leading to really bad varicose veins (pictures below). So, relax, keep the healthy diet with a well-balanced ration, support you immune system, remain mobile, and visit a doctor in order to prevent the complications.

Symptoms of vulvar varicose veins pictures 4

Symptoms of vulvar varicose veins pictures

When we speak about vulvar varicose veins (picture 4), we mean that the affected area is vulva. Here the problem often appears during pregnancy due to the changes of hormons status and blood flow. The veins become enlarged causing the main symptoms of vulvar varicose veins, which usually disappear as soon as the child is born but not always. In the latter case there are methods to reduce the symptoms of deep vein thrombosis connected with twised veins, which change color and become soft.

You can obviously see the difference between the varicose veins before and after (pictures below) the damage. Moreover, a woman can feel pain in vulva, a kind of heaviness both when in the state of rest and when walking. This light discomfort can be accompanied with rather noticeable pain during sexual inercourse. It should be mentioned that there is pelvic varicose veins, which can be a sign for VV.

Varicose veins rash pictures 5

Varicose veins rash pictures

One of the signs of varicose veins (images below) is eczema being a long-term bothering condition, which still can be treated and kept under control. The skin becomes red, itchy, and tight. It is very dry and scaly. The small scars can appear. The varicose veins rash (picture 5) can be moderate and severe, which can lead to ulcers without due treatment. So, whatever types of varicose veins develop, it is easy to diagnose the condition if there is a rash on the affected area that can be seen even without medical examination. The specified difficulties with blood flow may cause varicose eczema in particular if there are enlarged and raised up veins or a blood clot.

Varicose veins treatment

The symptoms of varicose veins in legs (pics at the bottom) are rather annoying and cannot be ignored if you do not want to get complications. The start of varicose veins can even be missed because of absence of any signs but if you find one of the above mentioned reactions, you should visist a doctor and follow his recommendations in order to stop the development of the disease and prevent its renewal. First of all you should watch your weight, do exercises, be positive and mobile, but do not forget to change standing and sitting positions.

Avoid high-heeled footwear and too tight clothes but prefer compression stockings wearing them all the day long. In addition to self-care the varicose veins treatment includes various procedures like sclerotherapy, vein stripping and laser surgeries. The varicose veins in feet treatment does not exclude moving. It is very important to continue walking but do it sparingly. If as a result of ignorance there is a venous leg ulcer, you should apply the prescribed medication for compression.

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