Chickenpox in adults symptoms pictures

In this article, we will analyze how does the chicken pox start in adults on pictures, consider the symptoms for chicken pox in adults, and also take a look on images of chickenpox spots in adults.

Chicken pox pictures in adults

It is hardly possible to grow up without having developed immunity against chickenpox. Chicken pox in adults is much more difficult to stand, while the chance to catch a virus is more significant.

With age, the symptoms of chickenpox in adults may be hidden for a longer period, which makes the disease much more dangerous. Moreover, many adults often do not pay much attention to the early signs of chicken pox, and the treatment for chickenpox starts too late. Therefore, it is very important and useful to know what a chickenpox looks like in pictures to avoid unwanted dangerous complications.

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Chickenpox in adults pictures

The speed chickenpox in adults (picture 2) develops is truly amazing. The causative virus is relatively small – it can easily reach the person through the ventilation. It’s enough just to walk along the corridor to get infected. The most interesting fact is that chicken pox in adults can appear after contact with a patient with shingles.

The first signs of chickenpox in the throat (pictures below) becomes noticeable quite early: the throat serves as an entrance gate. Initially, the settled virus strikes the mucous membranes with ulcers, then it spreads through the lymph and blood through the body and the chicken pox rash in adults appears all over the body.

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Chicken pox symptoms in adults

The common symptoms of chickenpox in adults (picture 3) are much alike with those in children (see chicken pox symptoms in babies), but the immunity provides a very powerful struggle, that is the reason why chickenpox in adults is much severe. The disease comes unexpectedly and abruptly, it starts with sudden weakness, aching muscles and nausea. Signs of chicken pox in adults are emphasized by the rapidly increasing body temperature, and first manifestations of rash.

The rash is usually located at the hips, abdomen, chest and shoulders. Then it moves up and covers the head. During the mild case of chickenpox, small scarlet tubercles appear that almost immediately turn into colorless blisters – these are the following symptoms of chicken pox in adults. The blisters burst and turn into wet sores, covered with scabs. Chickenpox in adults affects mucous membranes of the mouth, pharynx and genitalia. Wet sores are often covered with pus, forming scars after chicken pox (pictures are available below).

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Pictures of chickenpox spots and scars

Symptoms and treatment of chickenpox are determined by a specialist only during their visit to your place. You shouldn’t go to the clinic on your own not to infect others – call the healthcare provider and wait. The doctor usually examines the patient and prescribes necessary treatment of chicken pox symptoms on an outpatient basis. No contacts with other people are allowed until the last scab falls out. Do not touch the scabs as the wounds may form scars after chickenpox (picture 4).

When treating a disease, it is important to prevent infection of sores – this leads to suppuration and formation of scars after chicken pox. To prevent complications, you need to know the symptoms and treatment of chickenpox. This will reduce the risk of spreading a dangerous virus. The remaining spots after chickenpox (picture below) are no longer dangerous and will soon disappear on their own.

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Early signs of chickenpox in adults

On the first day, chickenpox in adults appears on the face and on the head (see pictures below). Rash appear for several days and cause itchiness. The rash is usually accompanied by a fever lasting more than a week. In addition, many pimples appear on the mucous membranes of the nose and eyes. Chickenpox in the mouth covers gums, palate and cheeks.

Very painful sores appearing on the genitals are also signs of chickenpox in adults (picture 5). Urination is followed by burning and pain. Chickenpox in adults strongly affects the lymph nodes, especially the cervical and bovine. They increase and become painful to touch. Internal organs, if there were no complications, are not affected by chickenpox.

Chickenpox in adults images and photos

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